Silestone Launch New Eternal Range

Enternal classic Calacatta Forever innovating and forever challenging themselves, Silestone have launched their new ‘Eternal’ range, and once again it features some of the most beautiful quartz engineering that money can buy. There are five creations included in the range, each one offering unique design and sublime colouring.  

 Eternal Classic Calacatta

 Eternal Classic Calacatta A grey/white, almost translucent colour, the Calacatta surface will slot seamlessly into any kitchen or bathroom. It benefits from veined patterns streaking across it, giving it a little extra character.  

 Eternal Bianco Calacatta

Eternal Bianco Calacatta Similar in name and in design to Calacatta, the Bianco version offers a slightly brighter, more solid white background with a veined pattern that is more contrasting than that of Classic Calacatta, due to the brighter whites and darker greys on show. More striking than the other Calacatta finish, it’s ideal for those who want a surface to make a statement in a kitchen or bathroom.  

Eternal Desert Silver

Eternal Desert Silver As the name suggests, this finish is a crisp, blanket silver effect with slim white streaks skitting across the surface. Another great choice for those looking for a neutral surface to complement the other features of a room.  

Eternal Marfil

Eternal Marfil The palest of oranges that offers a subtle dash of colour to any room, Marfil is a slightly rejuvenated take on the Crema Marfil range. Adding warmth without dominating the space, Marfil is the ideal choice for people looking for a smooth colour that varies from the norm.  

Eternal Emperador

Eternal Emperador Inspired by Emperador Brown, this finish combines tobacco brown with cream-coloured lines to create the epitome of a classy, eye-catching worktop. The darker tone means it works well as the main decorative colour in a room or as a flourish.   Silestone have proven themselves as market leaders time and time again. Providing style and substance in equal measure, each of their ranges makes headlines in our industry, and for good reason. Touchstone Worktops are proud to be suppliers and installers of Silestone worktops for customers throughout London, so if you’re in need of a new worktop for your kitchen or bathroom, consider Silestone, and consider Touchstone Worktops today.

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