Cosentino’s Exotic New Quartzites

Cosentino New Quartizites

New – Taj Mahal

One of the most famous names in kitchen and bathroom surfaces, Cosentino have introduced yet more brilliance into their repertoire. Brazilian quartz is the latest addition, taking the names Taj Mahal and White Macaubas in their Sensa by Cosentino Protected Natural Stone Range. They join the Sensa Premium range, benefiting from exclusive stain protection from Senguard NK. The aforementioned range now boasts both quartz and granite surfaces with Senguard protection, offering unparalleled stain resistance combined with beautiful looks. The protection from Senguard also incorporates UV resistance, which means the quartzite can be used both indoors and outdoors without the risk of sunlight damaging or fading the surface. Their NSF certification means they are completely safe and certified to be used in contact with food, too. The two quartzites are the first of their kind to be implemented into the Sensa range. Similar in name but different to quartz in that it is a metamorphic rock, rather than an engineered one. Quartzite is almost entirely made up of quartz, though, and enjoys similar durability and resilience to quartz, which is part of the reason it makes for such a brilliant worktop surface. White Macaubas is a wonderful blend of white/grey quartzite with charcoal-coloured veins dancing across the surface, offering a little distinction to the surface and some definition to the beautiful slabs. Taj Mahal is of an ivory hue, using coffee-coloured veins for sublime, soft contrast that fits seamlessly into a range of room designs.
New Cosentino Quartzites - White Macaubas

New – White Macaubas

  Both quartzite surfaces have features that are reminiscent of marble’s trademark look, but with their own characteristics and immense resilience to stains and damage. As well as the Senguard NK protection, the surfaces are also protected by a 15 year warranty. Touchstone Worktops are proud to be a leading supplier of the finest quality quartz and granite worktops and countertops, including Cosentino’s fantastic products. For more information about the work we do, please get in touch with us today.

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