Will Silestone Worktops Scratch or Stain?

Silestone is one of the leading names in kitchen and bathroom worktops, and for good reason. Their worktops’ magnificent looks and stellar reliability means they’re a popular choice for home and business owners around the world. It is known to be scratch and stain resistant, which many people may take to mean that the surfaces are impervious to any blemishes. While you’d have to try very hard or be extremely unlucky to damage your Silestone surface, chips and marks are still theoretically possible, and it’s always best to be safe in order to preserve the beautiful look of your worktop. As Silestone worktops are quartz, they benefit from the material’s natural toughness and strength. The surface is nonporous, too, which means it won’t stain, which is ideal for those who are looking for a worktop that will work nicely with food preparation and cooking. As well as being resistant to stains, the surface is also unaffected by bacteria, thanks to the addition of antimicrobial protection during the manufacturing process. chopping board on silestone

Cooking on Silestone worktops

Some people have said that they often prepare food on their worktops without the use of chopping boards, or they place boiling hot pans directly onto the surface of their worktop without causing any damage. While it is true that this may work, it is not advised, as you are simply increasing the risk of chipping, scratching or marking your worktop.

Cleaning Silestone worktops

With these kinds of worktops, unless you’ve taken the decision to place a hot pan or dish on the surface (which may result in burn marks), the most vigorous cleaning you’ll have to do is wipe away some spillages or scrub away some dried food or liquids. When you do get around to cleaning your Silestone worktop, it’s important that any cleaners you use are pH-balanced. This is the safest option for all worktops as it removes the chance of any corrosion or damage – and this includes Silestone, despite its toughness. It’s well-known that Silestone quartz is some of the most resilient on the market, but that doesn’t mean you should be overconfident in your usage of pans, sharp utensils and other abrasive objects. Touchstone Worktops are proud to be a leading supplier of Silestone worktops for domestic and commercial customers alike. For more information about the work we do, please feel free to get in touch with us today and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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