Silestone N-Boost: Unprecedented Innovation from Cosentino

For quartz surfaces of exceptional quality for kitchens and bathrooms, Silestone by Cosentino is quite simply the only product you need to know about! The brand is synonymous with only the highest levels of innovation and modernity, having stood out from competitor products enough to step into a category all its own: the bacteriostatic quartz worktop.

Recent further innovations to the Silestone range has seen the birth of a brand new product: the Silestone N-Boost. This month, we’ll be introducing the N-Boost and explaining just why it’s set to take the market by storm!

What Is N-Boost?

N-Boost is a patented innovation from Cosentino. It consists of further molecular enhancements to the technical and aesthetic properties of the Silestone range, an unprecedented degree of innovation.
In the new, revolutionary N-Boost range, a wider array of colours is available than ever before. Not only that, the cleaning and maintenance of the worktop is far easier, too, namely due to the differing molecular structure of the worktop which also gives it an extraordinary shine.

How Does N-Boost Work?

Cosentino constantly strive to improve their products, but how could they improve Silestone? Well, they went back to the very essence of Silestone, addressing its molecular structure to rewrite its very fabric.

Silestone N-Boost

Image copyright of Cosentino & Silestone

In the creation of quartz worktops, a mechanical polish is used to bring it a distinctive shine. However, this process unfortunately creates micro pores in the surface that, although undetectable to the naked eye, liquids can adhere to. The longer these liquids remain after drying, the harder cleaning them becomes, even leading to unsightly stains.

On the other hand, N-Boost is used to further improve the easy-cleaning qualities of Silestone by sealing any micro pores in the surface. The new process uses nanotechnology to treat regular Silestone quartz worktops at the molecular level, unalterably changing it to seal the pores.

Without anything for liquids to adhere to, it cannot penetrate the surface. Other quartz producers use a wax layer to achieve this result, but in time it will wear away. With N-Boost, you will never have to worry about this important quality of your worktop wearing off!

What’s more, N-Boost results in a shine that is absolutely unrivalled on the quartz worktop market. Because any and all pores and grooves are removed by the nanotechnology, an unprecedented amount of light is reflected back off of the surface, giving it its unique, glossy shine.

A Diverse Range of N-Boost Colours Available

Although N-Boost is not currently available in all the colours in the Silestone range, there are still a diverse range to choose from. As such, you can rest assured that there’ll be a colour to suit your room’s aesthetic design! The colours include:
  • Negro Tebas
  • Iconic Black
  • Iconic White
  • Eternal Marquina
  • Eternal Serena
  • Eternal Calacatta Gold
  • Eternal Statuario

Silestone N-Boost at Touchstone Worktops

To see the benefits of Silestone N-Boost for yourself, and to see about utilising it in your kitchen or bathroom, come on down to Touchstone Worktops today! We have over 150 years of combined experience in the industry, and are renowned throughout North West London for our high quality quartz materials and exceptional customer service. Contact us to find out more!

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