Cosentino: New colours unveiled in the Silestone Collection

It’s good news for those on the lookout for a new kitchen or bathroom worktop, as world-renowned manufacturer Cosentino bring some new options to the table. The end of 2016 has seen Cosentino announcing not one but two new additions to its Silestone collection, in the form of Classic White and Iconic White.   Expansion of the Silestone range is always something to celebrate, with one of the world’s premier quartz surface brands never failing to introduce excellent quality products with each release. Silestone The White Essentials Due to its timeless elegance and the neutrality that it offers when complementing interior design, white has always been a popular shade for Silestone – just take a look at the success of Blanco Zeus Extreme, the current bestseller in the brand’s worktop range – and it is safe to say that Classic White and Iconic White will be prolific additions. Iconic White Billed as the “whitest white available”, Iconic White’s role is to dazzle, adding a “vivid brightness” to any kitchen, bathroom or hospitality environment. The colour comes in a polished finish, encouraging a light and airy feel as well as a luminosity that surpasses even Silestone’s own White Zeus. With no compromise on Silestone’s scratch-, stain- and impact-resistant qualities, Iconic White is another triumph from the Cosentino Group’s Research and Development department. Classic White Available in both polished and suede finishes, Classic White provides a slightly warmer, off-white alternative to its co-releasee Iconic White, and a slightly deeper complexion than predecessor Blanco White Extreme. Ideal for washbasins and integrity sinks as well as worktops, Classic White is available in thicknesses 1.2cm, 2cm and 3cm, and introduces a touch of elegance to any room in which it’s used. Where Iconic White dazzles, Classic White adds warmth, making it a versatile choice. This double release extends Silestone’s White Essentials range to five, adding Iconic White and Classic White to existing shades Blanco Norte, White Storm and Blanco Zeus Extreme to offer an impressive selection for all worktops. Touchstone Worktops are leading providers of Silestone and many other products in the Cosentino range, offering a selection of beautiful colours and finishes to suit all environments – from domestic kitchens to restaurants. We can call on over 150 years of experience in the industry when it comes to providing advice and assistance as to the best solution to your granite or quartz worktop and surface needs, so don’t hesitate to contact Touchstone today to find out more.    

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