Can Marble Be Used for Kitchen Worktops?

There will come a time to renovate your kitchen – you might have just moved into a new house and want to make your mark, or your current interior might be looking a little dated. Whatever the reason for your redesign, a kitchen worktop is a crucial element of such a project, and the right surface can make all the difference to the look and feel of your kitchen. In this piece, the team at Touchstone Worktops are going to answer a question that is often posed by homeowners: ‘is marble a good choice for my kitchen worktop?’   Cups on Marble Worktop

Benefits of marble worktops

One benefit of marble as a material is that it’s instantly recognisable. The beautiful, twisting and twining veins provide definition against the glossy main colour of the stone. Such a look works in both contemporary and modern kitchens without dominating the room. Marble is easy to clean – it doesn’t require specialist cleaning products like some natural stone worktops. A mixture of warm water and mild soap will allow you to  wipe away any spills without hassle. It’s also a material that benefits from its porosity. It doesn’t hold on to heat very well, which means that it stays cool. In fact, marble is typically 4°C cooler than the ambient temperature of the room itself. While this might not seem like a major factor, it can certainly help during the hotter months.

Drawbacks of marble worktops

Unfortunately, there are some cons when it comes to marble. Firstly, they are susceptible to staining from things like wine and the acids of fruit juice. Make sure any spilled liquids are quickly wiped away  as the chances of staining will increase the longer said spillage is left untreated. The worktops can also be scratched by knives and other kitchen apparatus. In order to minimise the risk of this happening, avoid chopping food directly on the surface itself. Overall, marble’s functionality as a kitchen worktop leaves something to be desired. Its relative vulnerability to marks, stains and scratches means that it can suffer in an environment where food is being prepared and the chance of spillages is high. Silestone and Caesarstone, both stocked by Touchstone Worktops, share similar aesthetic quality to marble, but with added strength and durability – consider these as an alternative – your kitchen will benefit from the stunning looks, but you won’t have to worry about unsightly damage to your worktop. Touchstone Worktops are a leading provider of marble and natural stone worktops for customers throughout London. From kitchen surfaces to vanity tops, we can supply and install the perfect surface for you. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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