Why You Should Use Professional Worktop Installers

Getting a new worktop for your kitchen or bathroom can be an exciting time – a fresh look for a room can really rejuvenate a property. To make the most of your new surface, though, it needs to be installed properly, and for it to be installed properly, you need the services of professional installers. But why should you seek out professionals? The team at Touchstone are going to detail the benefits of that choice here. Touchstone Professional Worktop Installer


The first and perhaps most obvious benefit is the quality of installation. While it’s not just professional installers that will be able to fit your worktop, the quality of the work by a registered installer will undoubtedly be better. Seeing as worktops make such a huge impact on the look and feel of a room, any discrepancies or minor issues with your installation can be very noticeable and once you’ve seen them you won’t be able to forget them.


The whole point of a new worktop for your kitchen is that it sets up the room’s new look for years to come. If your worktop is installed improperly by a non-professional person, you might then be forced to arrange for repairs or alterations further down the line. This costs you time and money that could be avoided by simply opting for the services of a professional installer.


Qualified installers can offer guarantees that cannot be provided by those without accreditation. From manufacturer’s warranties to the guarantees of the installer, such as Silestone’s 25 year material guarantee for their quartz worktops, you can rest assured that you and your worktop are completely covered in the event of damage. If you use an installer who isn’t covered, or doesn’t offer guarantees, then you’ll be left with some costly decisions to make in the event of problems with your worktop.


Professional installers have perfected their work through years of experience with best practice and the best materials. Touchstone, for example, have been installing worktops for over 20 years – we use tried and tested methods combined with state of the art tools and equipment to ensure the work we do meets the high standards of our customers and ourselves. Touchstone Worktops are proud to be Silestone GOLD Level fabricators. This is a prestigious accreditation offered only to Silestone’s most loyal fabricators. Cosentino, owners of the Silestone brand, are one of the biggest names in our industry, and this partnership is testament to the service we provide and the reputation we’ve established since beginning our company in 1997.  
If you’re in the market for a new worktop, it cannot be stressed enough that a professional installer is the way to go. Touchstone Worktops are London’s leading provider of kitchen and bathroom worktops, using the finest quartz, granite and natural stone to deliver stunning, durable surfaces that transform a room. For more information about our work, please contact us today.

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