Top 10 Best-Selling Quartz Worktops

  1. Silestone Lagoon

The smooth, clean grey means that Cosentino’s Silestone Lagoon colourway is one of our most popular worktops of the year. Available in suede or polished finish, this surface fits into any kitchen or bathroom with ease. The surface is veined with shades of grey, which add a little character to the solid block of colour. Silestone Lagoon - Best selling Quartz Wokrtops
  1. Silestone Cemento Spa

  For those looking for a darker surface, Silestone Cemento Spa is perfect. A charcoal grey offering, it boasts a high resistance to scratches, stains, heat, impact and acid, so it can withstand the wear and tear of domestic kitchen usage. Easy to clean and maintain, this beautiful surface is perfect for worktops and splashbacks alike. Silestone Cemento spa - Best Selling Quartz Worktops
  1. Silestone Stellar series – Stellar Blanco / Stellar Grey / Stellar Nero

  The Stellar series contains three fantastic mirrored chi surfaces centered around neutral shades and hues – blanco, grey and nero. Stellar Grey is a white-based light grey but peppered with slightly dark flecks that create a grainy look. Stellar Grey is a darker shade, but dotted with mirror chip and dark particles for an interesting texture. Nero is the darkest of the three; almost completely black but with mirror chip details that provide a look not dissimilar to the night sky.   All three surfaces are available with a polished finish, in jumbo and standard format, perfect for worktops of all sizes. Silestone Stellar Grey - Best Selling Quartz Worktops
  1. Caesarstone Frosty Carrina

  A cream surface with faint grey veins strewn across it, this surface from Caesarstone will brighten up any kitchen or bathroom. From kitchen islands to vanity tops, this surface is heat resistant and easy to clean, and available with a variety of stylish worktop edges to suit even the most specific of requirements. Caesarstone Frosty Carrina - Best Selling Quartz Worktops
  1. Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold

  Another surface that makes use of tasteful veining, Eternal Calacatta Gold from Cosentino’s Silestone brand consists of a gleaming light cream surface with streaks of marble veins in grey for added character. Available in polished or suede finish, as well as standard and jumbo format, this surface would sit beautifully in a modern kitchen or bathroom. Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold - Best Selling Quartz Worktops
  1. Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme

  Blanco Zeus Extreme is a solid block of white that provides a perfect backdrop for splashes of colour around a room, or if you’re a fan of more minimalist aesthetics, it works beautifully in conjunction with blacks and greys. This modern clinical worktop look is a top seller for kitchens with clean, strong lines. Silestone Blanco Zeus -Best Selling Quartz Worktops  
  1. Caesarstone Bianco Drift

  As the name suggests, Caesarstone Bianco Drift is a paler surface, but with light brown veins and patterning which gives it a slight coffee tint. The Blanco Drift surface is ideal for those who want a lighter surface but would like something different from a purely white worktop. The random patterns on the stone give each piece a unique look, so you can be sure you have a one-of-a-kind surface in your kitchen or bathroom. Caesarstone Bianco Drift - Best Selling Quartz Worktops
  1. Silestone Blanco Norte

  Speckled with a slightly darker grain and available in a suede finish, the Blanco Norte worktop takes on a light grey, stone-like colour. The speckles offer something different from a flat uniform colour, working brilliantly with other neutral hues on cupboards and flooring. Worktops and sinks are available in the Blanco Norte style, and a variety of beautifully crafted edges are available, as with all Silestone surfaces. Silestone Blanco Norte - Best Selling Quartz Worktops
  1. Caesarstone Raw Concrete

  The name ‘raw concrete’ tells you a lot of what you need to know about the colouring of this matt finished surface. Cement-grey with spots of black and a few unique white markings, it delivers a neutral aesthetic in a ‘concrete’ finish – something slightly different to the often more glossy finishes of other worktops. For those customers looking for an industrial look this product is the market leader and with numerous edge styles available, Caesarstone Raw Concrete can be tailored to the finest detail. Caesarstone Raw Concrete - Best Selling Quartz Worktops
  1. Caesarstone London Grey

  Part of the Supernatural collection, this surface evokes images of a cloudy sky thanks to its light grey base colour and darker vein patterns. Subtly marbled in a grey, this colour works perfectly as a backdrop for the rest of the room, whether you’d like to combine it with brighter colours or create a more subtle overall colour scheme. Caesarstone London Grey - Best Selling Quartz Worktops Above, you have our top 10 best-selling worktops. Each one is made with the highest quality materials, using tried and tested processes to ensure every slab functions to the highest level. Whatever your choice, you can be sure that the experts at Touchstone Worktops can deliver and install your worktop of choice with the utmost professionalism and care. For more information about our vast catalogue of quartz and natural stone worktops, or to arrange receipt of our services, please get in touch with us today.

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