Which Colour Worktop Goes Well With a White Kitchen?

Silestone White Kitchen

There are few interior design choices as timeless as a white kitchen, as it provides a crisp, clean look that serves as an ideal canvas for other elements of your kitchen to shine or works perfectly on its own. However, two issues that can play on the mind of those designing a white kitchen are: why should I opt for white, and which worktop will go best with the white backdrop of a kitchen?
  • Colourful additions
Firstly, a white kitchen offers a fantastic canvas for different features to work on. Colourful accents in an otherwise white kitchen will ‘pop’ more than they normally would, catching the eye and adding some more vibrancy to the room. Consider some colourful accessories like vases, or countertop appliances to complement the white areas of the kitchen.
  • White rooms = space
Dark colours absorb light and bright colours reflect it. This means that an all-white kitchen will appear larger than a darker one of the same size. Using white cupboards, walls and features will make it appear as though your kitchen is more spacious than it actually is. If you don’t want a completely white kitchen, consider a white accent wall in a kitchen with pastel walls – these colours can have the same effect.
  • It’ll never go out of style
White kitchens are the epitome of beautiful simplicity. An all-white kitchen isn’t just a trend that’ll be confined to the past after a year; it’s a timeless design that suits any home and any style of kitchen. If you opt for one, then you needn’t worry about having to change it in a year’s time – it looks great when bathed in summer light and some choice lighting will create a beautiful ambience when the sun hides away in winter and autumn.

Which worktop should I choose for my white kitchen?

White on white

A white worktop in an otherwise white kitchen might seem like overkill on paper, but it often looks brilliant, especially for those in search of a clean, minimalist look. Adding some timber furniture to your kitchen can really help, too, offering a little complementary colouring to the white room. Consider Blanco Zeus from Silestone – a brilliant white that demands attention.

Going grey

For a bit of contrast, you can’t go wrong with a grey worktop. Dark grey hues from the likes of Silestone will make your white decor seem even brighter, whilst adding even more elegance through their beautiful design. Silestone’s Grey Stellar or Cygnus, for example, would compliment a white kitchen perfectly, with polished finishes and intricate detailing.

Back to black

Black worktops are very popular and with good reason. Their sophisticated look, combined with their low-maintenance nature means that you can enjoy the visual benefits of the contrast between black and white without having to worry about constantly wiping and cleaning your worktop. Opt for sheer black, or something with a little flair, such as Granite Emerald Pearl or Granite Star Galaxy – the former with beautiful emerald flecks, and the latter with silver/bronze flashes for a little extra character.

Marvellous Marble

Marble worktops are some of the most visually striking worktops you can buy. With their natural veining and patterns, every slab is unique, which means that you get a piece of individuality as well as beauty if you opt for one for your kitchen. Touchstone Worktops are stockists of a variety of beautiful marble worktops, from the off-white hues of Marble Calacatta to the sleek Marble Grey Marquina.

Having a white kitchen means you have a lot of room to express your own interior design tastes. Whether you want an all-white space or you want to experiment with other colours to see what works for you, Touchstone Worktops are able to deliver and install your kitchen worktop so you can enjoy the room you’ve always dreamed of. We supply worktops from the world’s leading brands including Silestone and Cosentino. For more information about our work, please get in touch with us today.

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