Introducing Four New Colours of Caesarstone Quartz Worktops

Caesarstone is the world’s leading manufacturer in quartz worktops, with their unmatched quality and innovation making them stand out from their competitors. In keeping with their ability to lead the market, they have announced the introduction of four new colours for their worktops for UK customers. Caesarstone new colours Of course, Caesarstone don’t release new colours arbitrarily – the four new hues are designed to fit perfectly with the current trends in interior design. The names of the four new colours are:
  • 4033 Rugged Concrete
  • 5043 Montblanc
  • 6046 Moorland Fog
  • 6313 Turbine Grey
  4033 Rugged Concrete Caesarstone 4033 Rugged Concrete As part of the Caesarstone Concrete series, 4033 Rugged Concrete continues the trend of embracing the look of raw and industrial materials. As well as perfectly mimicking the appearance of concrete, the unique imperfections in each and every piece mean that the texture of the worktop also achieves concrete’s textured feel. The dark grey tones make it a perfect addition to 4003 Sleek Concrete, 4004 Raw Concrete and 4001 Fresh Concrete in Caesarstone’s concrete quartz line. 5043 Montblanc Caesarstone 5043 Montblanc The Montblanc range, from the Supernatural collection, is inspired by nature, specifically the colours and patterns that occur in the world around us. A look at a 5043 Montblanc worktop will tell you that it is designed to look like natural stone, complete with the unique marks and patterns that provide each and every slab with individuality, ensuring no kitchen or bathroom worktop is the same. With a light grey hue and the aforementioned lines providing a contrasting darker grey, 5043 Montblanc is ideal for the modern space. 6046 Moorland Fog 6046 Moorland Fog Another addition to the Supernatural collection, 6046 Moorland Fog shows soft hues coupled with dark veining, much like 5043 Montblanc, but with a colour that leans slightly further towards a dusty grey. The veining provides a unique pattern that is different on each and every piece. 6313 Turbine Grey Caesarstone 6313 Turbine Grey Inspired, like its Supernatural collection companions, by the patterns, imperfections and colours of natural granite. Using dark grey as its primary shade, it also benefits from some veining, albeit a little less than the aforementioned pieces. The textures used give the quartz a distinguished feel as well as appearance. These four new colours introduced by Caesarstone are yet more additions to their already burgeoning catalogue of beautiful worktop designs. Touchstone Worktops are extremely proud to be able to supply and install Caesarstone’s products, and if you would like to know more, please feel free to get in touch with us today. All images are copyright of Caesarstone.

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