Silestone Launch the All-New, Luxury Eternal Collection

Ever the innovators, Cosentino have been hard at work developing and launching their latest collection of superior quartz surfaces: the luxurious Eternal collection from their Silestone brand. If you didn’t know already, Silestone products are renowned worldwide for their fashionable, high-quality aesthetics. With the new Eternal range Silestone are taking this quality to an unprecedented level which you too can now enjoy. But, what in particular sets the Eternal collection apart? Simply put, the Silestone Eternal collection offers something no other product can: a regal flair, the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen or bathroom. So, if you’re looking to bring an element of grandeur into your home, you’ll need one of the five natural shades from Silestone. These include the Statuario, Calacatta Gold, Charcoal Soapstone, Serena and Marquina shades. The Eternal Collection: The Shades Silestone Eternal Statuario Statuario: Featuring a white surface peppered with soft and muted grey highlights, the Statuario surface evokes a harmonious sentiment that’s reminiscent of classic Italian Carrara marble. Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold Calacatta Gold: Elegance is the name of the game with the Calacatta Gold surface. Wide grey veins and a light touch of gold accentuate this predominantly white worktop, imbuing a distinguished air that’ll transform your entire kitchen or bathroom. Silestone Eternal Serena Serena: If it’s a delicate finish you’re looking for, the Serena shade is the one for you. Fine and graceful white lines spread across the surface of this worktop. Silestone Eternal Charcoal Soapstone Charcoal Soapstone: Soapstone is one of the most popular surfaces to grace lavish kitchens throughout the world, and with the Charcoal Soapstone shade, Silestone are offering their own take. It features a blue-grey finish and a solid depth that nevertheless connotes a real sense of movement. With this shade, you’ll bring a rich excitement to your home. Silestone Eternal Marquina Marquina: But if you’re looking to make a statement, the Marquina surface is the option for you. It boasts a gorgeous aesthetic that mirrors Spanish Marquina marble, which will bring an intense and evocative black centrepiece to your kitchen or bathroom. Arresting white veins also rest royally along its surface. All of these shades reflect and complement the very latest and chic trends in interior design and architecture. What’s more, all of these quartz surfaces boast a natural quality of immense depth, allowing you to see intricate patterns descending from the surface of the slab deep into its core. As such, each and every worktop is entirely unique to you and your home. The First Silestone Collection to Feature N-Boost Technology As we detailed last month in our news story Silestone N-Boost: Unprecedented Innovation from Cosentino, N-Boost is the very latest technology to come out of Cosentino’s research and development department. Fundamentally, it is a molecular-level redesign of the worktop surface, using nanotechnology to seal all micropores in the surface. Liquids cannot adhere to or stain the surface, making it exceptionally easy to clean and highly durable. The new Eternal collection from Silestone is the first to feature this awe-inspiring technology. With it, you can rest assured that your brand new quartz surface will remain stain-resistant and elegant for – well, seeing as the molecular redesign is unalterable – eternity. Find the Luxurious Eternal Collection Here at Touchstone Worktops At Touchstone Worktops, we’re proud to offer the most exceptional and regal Silestone products to clients across London, and that includes the brand new Silestone Eternal collection. We’re a Silestone Approved Fabricator, and our team of highly skilled stonemasons have over 150 years of combined experience in the industry – as such, there’s simply no one more capable of delivering premier, bespoke quartz worktops direct to you anywhere else in the capital. Be sure to contact us today to find out more and to bring you one step closer to enjoying the elegance and fulfilment that Silestone worktops embody.

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