Touchstone – Premier Kitchen Worktop Fabricators

Our history and experience speaks for itself.

Since 1997, Touchstone Worktops has been selling high quality granite kitchen worktops and surfaces throughout London and the southeast of England. Driven by our high quality standards and the reputation of our work, Touchstone has never had to enter the market of selling inferior granites, nor have we compromised on finishing standards whilst maintaining our competitive pricing. Touchstone has a wealth of experience that many of the newer fabricators cannot offer the discerning the customer, many of our competitors did not even have a presence in the UK when Touchstone Worktops started and these competitors tend to fight it out in the bargain basement of the market. Cheaper competitors deliver sub-standard jobs with bad quality material, not the high-end bespoke granite you deserve in your home. Touchstone Worktops is ran by three of the stone industry’s most experienced hands-on directors. Each of the directors taking a specific role in making sure that your installation, whether it be a private kitchen or a large commercial fit-out, will be delivered on-price and on-time to the high-quality standards you expect. Touchstone Worktops fitters are an established team employed directly by the company, meaning that Touchstone maintain the standard you expect, making sure you have confidence in our service at all times. Our vans are tracked by GPS for real-time information on the delivery of your new kitchen worktops and the fixing products used by fitters are selected for their quality, not their price. We strive for trouble-free installations on every job, leaving you with a highly desirable solid surface worktop you can admire for many years to come. Here are Touchstone Worktops we are truly high end craftsmen that utilise modern techniques and machinery for that set of dream kitchen worktops. Please challenge us with edge profiles, recessed sinks and drainers, flush fitting hobs, radius cuts and shapes. Your new granite or quartz kitchen worktops can be as intricate as you dare to be.

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