Revamp Your Kitchen With a New Worktop

If there’s one thing you should know about kitchen decoration, it’s to never underestimate the impact a new worktop can have on your overall kitchen furnishings. Worktops are largely overlooked in the renovation stage, but is a highly notable part of the kitchen. There is a wide variety of worktop materials to choose from, all offering different qualities and resilience to wear. Kitchen worktops have to put up with a lot of use over the years,  so there will inevitably come a time when you need to replace yours. This is the perfect opportunity to revamp your new kitchen!  revamped kitchen worktop   We’ve compiled a list of the best tips and tricks to take into consideration when choosing your new worktop. 
  • Assess your budget Before you begin looking at a new worktop, it’s vital you assess what fits within your price range. Worktops are priced very differently depending on the material, so you’ll be able to find a worktop that suits your needs and style, whilst staying within your budget. If your budget is tight but you’d like a luxurious worktop, we suggest mixing and matching in different areas with cheaper worktops. A stone worktop around the sink area, matched with a dark wooden worktop will rejuvenate your kitchen and add some uniqueness to your home.
  • Try adding a workspace An easy way to reorganise your worktop and add practicality, is to insert a wooden section into a worktop of a different material, such as a Quartz worktop. As well as offering a unique visual aesthetic, it helps you keep your kitchen more hygienic as you isolate food prep to one area. Additionally, where you do most of your cooking will get the most wear, so it will be easier to replace the one section in the future to completely revamp the look of your kitchen.
  • Add a sense of sophistication If you’d like your kitchen to be more cultured, high-quality stone worktops can completely change the way your kitchen looks. You can easily take your dull, standard kitchen and change the entire design with a bold worktop. You can achieve any look by swapping out your worktop, for example, you could add colour to your kitchen by installing a red worktop, achieving an on-trend, retro look.
  • Change the levels If you’re looking for something unusual, we suggest installing a wrap around worktop, that is lower than the work station. This is especially useful if you find using tall high stools difficult. Lowering a section of the worktop helps keep the food prep and eating area separate and adds more space and dimension to your kitchen.
  • Make kitchen decor last longer It can be amazing how much a worktop can drastically change the appearance of your kitchen. By changing just the worktop, your old cupboards, chairs, and appliances can suddenly look brand new, meaning you get to keep the kitchen you love but with an updated feature, keeping your kitchen fresh and restored. 
  Here at Touchstone Worktops, we pride ourselves on providing a huge range of worktops, including Silestone & Caesarstone quartz, granite, marble and other natural stones. We can offer expert advice based on your requirements, so be sure to contact a member of our team today.   

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