Top 5 Kitchen Trends for 2019

The kitchen is often the central living space in the home, bringing families together for dinner and giving you a place to host cocktail parties, but also, it’s an area to unwind after a long day. The list of uses for the kitchen goes on, which is why it is essential to have a kitchen you love. The kitchen trends of 2019 steer away from the rose gold accents of 2018, into something more unique and simple.  So whether you’re just on the lookout for inspiration or are certain about what you want for your new kitchen, have a look at our list of new kitchen trends for 2019, you’ll be sure to find something you love! marble worktop kitchen


A retro colour scheme with bold red cupboards will be sure to stand out. It gives your kitchen more personality than the go-to neutral colour palette of 2018. You could even try mixing and matching your appliances to complement your surrounding decor. We recommend a pale green worktop or cream coloured worktop as not to clash with the brightly colour cupboards and appliances. 

Mint Green

Although not everyone’s first choice, mint green is a surprisingly refreshing colour for a kitchen. Contrasting well with wooden worktops and cream fridges, this kitchen reminds us of those bright, carefree Sunday mornings during childhood. You can dial up or down the intensity of the green you want and it will always work well in the kitchen, as the colour is reminiscent of sweet shops and mint choc chip ice cream!

Minimalist Counters

Having clutter-free worktops is more desirable than marble worktops in 2019! Many people argue this trend stems from the Marie Kondo documentary on Netflix which became viral due to her decluttering tips that blew people’s minds. The less appliances there are on the worktops, the more work space you will have during cooking times, giving the illusion of a larger kitchen. Worktops can be designed to store more space for when you’re using the kitchen, such as pull out chopping boards and hooks to hang mugs and cutlery out the way. 

Traditional Wooden Floors and Furniture

Pairing dark wooden floors with white cupboards makes a bold statement in any kitchen, as is becoming a go-to for many homeowners. Splash a bold colour throughout the kitchen, such as green or yellow, and you’ll soon have an individualised kitchen that you could soon change up with a different colour or indoor plants spotted around the kitchen.  Furthermore, if you’ve got wooden cupboards and flooring, installing a worktop with a yellow undertone or even installing a bright white marble counter will grab your attention and brighten up the room.  


An obscure kitchen is becoming increasingly popular in an age where people want multiple uses for the same room. The anti-kitchen is the perfect answer to this, as it carefully blends into the room, making it look like extra living space. The anti-kitchen also serves to hide kitchen appliances when they aren’t in use, such as extractor fans and microwaves. The open plan also gives the illusion that the kitchen is larger than reality, especially when paired with neutral toned worktops and minimalist furniture.   
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