Benefits of Using Granite Worktops in Your Bathroom

Much like your living room, kitchen or bedroom, the appearance of your bathroom is very important. A room designed for cleanliness, rejuvenation and relaxation, it needs to look the part if it’s to reach its full potential. One of the key parts of bathroom design are the countertops you choose. There’s a huge range of materials available, but they won’t all complement the decor of your bathroom, so it’s important you choose the right one. Granite worktops are immensely popular, and with good reason. They’re versatile, strong, long-lasting and reliable, and the sheer volume of colours available means they can suit almost any bathroom.

Strength/Liquid Resistance

One of granite’s most well-known properties is its strength. You’d have to try very hard to damage it, as it’s resistant to chips and scratches that you might otherwise get through the use of household objects, and if it’s properly sealed, it will be impervious to most liquids, too. This is not only perfect for worktops, but it’s also ideal if you’re planning to install a wetroom, or if you’d like granite for your shower walls. The sealing is crucial, though: make sure it is properly, professionally sealed before installation. It also deals very well with heat – any straighteners or other hot hair accessories can be placed on it without fear of burning the surface.


Granite naturally occurs in a wide range of colours, so if you have a specific colour scheme in mind for your bathroom, your granite worktop can fit seamlessly into it.


For some materials, spillages and stains can be a hassle to remove, and you might have a job on your hands keeping the surface clean at all times. However, with granite, you needn’t worry about investing in various cleaning products – all you need is some mild, pH balanced cleaning product, warm water, and a cloth. It can be cleaned with a simple wipe down. Before you set about planning how your new granite worktop is going to fit into your bathroom, you should first contact a trusted, qualified supplier and installer. When you’ve settled on your dream surface, and you’ve arranged for the installation of it, you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge you’ll soon have your dream bathroom. Touchstone Worktops are experts in the supply and installation of the highest quality granite worktops. Whether you would like a new countertop for your bathroom or a splashback for your kitchen, we can deliver exactly what you need. For more information, get in touch with us to find out more.

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