Add Some Wow to Your Bathroom

If your bathroom is small or large, old or new, it is important that it looks its best all times. After all, it’s the room in your home that is associated with cleanliness, so keeping it fresh in terms of hygiene and design goes without saying. An innovative way of providing a new lease of life to your bathroom is the use of a wet room. These are very popular in homes of all sizes, and they present huge design possibilities. A wet room is a room where the base of the shower is flush with the adjoining floors, rather than on a raised tray like a normal shower. The water drains through an outlet in the floor, and the shower is enclosed behind a single wall, creating a more spacious effect. Benefits of a Wet Room Wet rooms can work brilliantly in any size room, and if they are properly installed and tiled, they can enjoy a considerably long lifespan than a traditional bathroom. The modern feel created by a wet room can inject fresh life into an older bathroom, and if it is created in a second bathroom then it can even drive up the value of your property. Shower trays and walls can be produced and clad using natural stone, which means that you can keep an absolutely stunning, natural look for your wet room while improving the resilience and functionality of the walls and surfaces. Requirements for a Wet Room If you are enamoured with the idea of a wet room and want to look into creating one in your home, there are a number of things you must first consider so you are aware of the mitigating factors that you face.
  • Before the installation of the wet room features, the room that will be used must be reinforced. This is because the combined weight of the materials required (tiles, etc.) can be considerably greater than the materials used in a traditional bathroom.
  • Your flooring must be non-slip and the drainage system within the flooring must be away from the door, to prevent the disastrous consequences of water draining into other areas of your home!
  • The flooring must also be raised by around 5cm and slanted slightly so the water can run into the drainage system.
If you would like a wet room but don’t know how you could feasibly install one, whether that be due to cost or space issues, then you can compromise with a walk in shower. This too gives a spacious feel to your bathroom and will not require the same large overhaul that a wet room does. Whether you want a wet room or a redesign of your traditional bathroom, the surfaces you use are crucial to the feel and look of the area. Here at Touchstone Worktops, we supply and install superb quartz, granite, marble and natural stone worktops from the world’s leading manufacturers. Using our CNC machines, we can cut your chosen material to the exact size and shape you desire, helping you create a truly individual appearance for your wet room, kitchen or bathroom. If you would like to know more, please get in touch with us today!

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