5 Useful Food and Cooking Apps

iphone-518101_640Since the introduction of smartphones, they have gone from being flashy gadgets with a few clever features to an integral part of everyday life for billions of people around the world. There is now seemingly an app for every task, every sector or every hobby and this means there are plenty of apps to help with your kitchen usage. This article will look at five of the most useful ones.

Cook Smarts

There are many apps around that help users devise a food plan to help them keep track of their consumption and their calories, if they are so inclined. However, as useful as those apps are, their functions are some what limited. For a more expansive solution, Cook Smarts is ideal – as well as helping you plan your meals, they can also tell you how to cook them – crucial advice for some! What’s more, you can tell the app what your preferences are, for example: low carb, vegetarian, gluten free, which means it is easy to create meals that are perfectly suited to you.

Gluten-Free on the Move

For people who suffer from coeliac disease, planning meals often takes a lot more time due to the necessity of avoiding gluten. With this app from Coeliac.org.uk, people who need gluten-free diets can manage their food easily, whether they need advice on foods to buy or restaurants that cater for their needs. It also includes a handy label guide to help people understand the often-confusing labelling on food and drink products.

Kitchen Calculator Pro

For a lot of people, one of the most confusing things about cooking is measuring out different ingredients using an array of different units of measurements. This task becomes more complicated when cooking larger quantities for multiple people, so at £2.49, Kitchen Calculator Pro can be something of a lifesaver. It contains a wealth of information about the exact amounts that each unit of measurement consists of, and how to multiply or divide that when it comes to making meals for more than one person.

Multi Timer App

Everyone’s been there: having several pots, pans and dishes cooking at once, only to get your timings wrong and throw the whole meal off course and ruin a lot of hard work. With the Multi Timer App, this problem can be eliminated. By setting an individual timer for each section of your cooking, you can keep track of your dishes and ensure you stay on top of the process. An extra handy feature is that once the timer has reached the limit you set, it continues into minus figures so you can see how much you have missed the mark by and salvage the dish.

Great British Chefs Kids

This app is an award-winning creation that is aimed at encouraging children to get involved in cooking. It covers all the basic skills, such as cracking an egg perfectly, and extends to over 100 fun, tasty, easy-to-follow recipes that ensure kids can create dishes they will enjoy. There is a whole host of ways to make your kitchen experience easier and more enjoyable, and the above apps are just a few of the best ones. Here at Touchstone Worktops, we are proud to provide our customers with granite, quartz, marble and natural stone worktops of the highest quality, delivered and installed perfectly to add functionality and beauty to your kitchen or bathroom. Get in touch today to find out more.

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