Neolith Nero Zimbabwe

Neolith Nero Zimbabwe Stone Worktop. Ideal for use as Kitchen Worktop, Island Worktop or a splashback.

Also perfect for bathroom applications like Vanities, Bath Surrounds, and others.
No care & advice information available for these worktops at the moment.
Please contact us for more information.
Here is a summary of the most popular edge details:
  • Double Pencil Edge - Slightly rounded edges on the top and bottom of your worktop edge to be polished. This is our most popular edge profile for kitchen worktops.
  • Mitred Apron Edge - For this edge, we add a downstand piece with a mitred edge to the worktop, providing a thicker look. You can specify the height of the mitre, most popular is 40mm for kitchen worktops. Additionally, islands worktops and end panels can have a mitred edge providing a smooth, continuous looking surface which is sometimes called a waterfall feature.
  • Full Bull Nose -Fully rounded stone worktop edge profile often used for bathroom vanities but also traditional looking kitchen worktops for example. This edge can make the stone look thinner.
For further information and options for edge profiles, please visit Edge Profiles page.
After installing your Neolith countertop, the 10-year warranty can be registered online by completing the Form below. Remember that it is an essential condition to complete all fields marked as obligatory with an asterisk.
[tsw_icons_with_text] [tsw_icon_with_text icon="f043"]High Stain Resistance[/tsw_icon_with_text] [tsw_icon_with_text icon="f219"]High Scratch Resistance (compared to Marble)[/tsw_icon_with_text] [tsw_icon_with_text icon="f132"]High Impact Resistant[/tsw_icon_with_text] [tsw_icon_with_text icon="f06d"]High Heat Resistant[/tsw_icon_with_text] [tsw_icon_with_text icon="f188"]Bacteriostatic Protection[/tsw_icon_with_text] [tsw_icon_with_text icon="f02c"]Wide range of colours[/tsw_icon_with_text] [tsw_icon_with_text icon="f256"]Range of finishes / textures[/tsw_icon_with_text] [tsw_icon_with_text icon="f094"]Acid resistant[/tsw_icon_with_text] [tsw_icon_with_text icon="f0ac"]Natural Effects[/tsw_icon_with_text] [tsw_icon_with_text icon="f15c"]25 Year Warranty[/tsw_icon_with_text] [tsw_icon_with_text icon="f1b2"]Non-Porous[/tsw_icon_with_text] [tsw_icon_with_text icon="f06c"]Easy to clean & Maintain[/tsw_icon_with_text] [tsw_icon_with_text icon="f0d1"]Full templating & installation service[/tsw_icon_with_text] [/tsw_icons_with_text]

Cooking with Neolith Kitchen Worktops

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