Why You Should Invest in Granite Worktops

Planning a new kitchen is something that takes a lot of planning, money and stress, so you need to be sure that every aspect of it is perfectly designed, planned and installed. The aesthetic of your kitchen is something that will be at the top of your list, and with modern design, you also have the chance to incorporate hygiene and functionality into the aesthetic choices you make. Granite worktops are hugely popular amongst homeowners and interior designers for a number of reasons. No matter what your priorities are when designing your kitchen, granite has qualities that appeal to various factors of a kitchen.

Granite Worktops Offer Resilience

The thickness and resilience of granite means it makes a perfect choice for kitchens that are going to be seeing a lot of food creation. The tough surface can withstand sharp and heavy appliances, meaning you don’t have to worry if the kitchen knife slips onto the worktop while you’re chopping vegetables.

Beautiful Kitchen Design

As well as the strength, granite worktops also work well within the overall design of the kitchen, allowing other elements to stand out. By choosing backsplashes, wall details, colour schemes or even appliances that compliment the granite’s colour, you can create the perfect atmosphere and look for the room. The finish on granite worktops is beautiful, band creates a slick, clean look without overpowering the general aesthetic of your kitchen.

Granite Offers Heat Protection

As well as resilience to impact, granite is also incredibly strong against heat. Unless you take a blowtorch directly to your surface, you will not experience any burn marks or rings on your granite countertop. This means you can set those hot pans and dishes down without worrying about any damage to your kitchen.

Hygiene In The Kitchen

Unlike counterparts such as wood, granite worktops are very easy to clean and do not easily absorb liquids or bacteria. Some quartz surfaces, including worktops from brands like Silestone contain unique bacteriostatic protection, which means it provides protection against germs and bacteria, killing them and stopping them from multiplying. This also means that the surface requires minimal maintenance – a simple spray of cleaning fluid and wipe down with a cloth will suffice, rather than the tiresome scrubbing that wooden worktops can often need. Here at Touchstone Worktops, we are proud to be one of the leading providers of granite, quartz and natural stone worktops from the world’s leading brands. Utilising our skill, experience and commitment, we can deliver and install your new worktop efficiently and professionally, ensuring you get total value for money and you can enjoy your new surface as quickly as possible. Get in touch today to find out more!

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