What Kind of Cut-Out Do I Need for My Sink?

You’ve chosen the worktops, colour schemes and cabinets for a room, yet there is still more to do. A crucial element to any kitchen or bathroom is the sink, and there are various styles that you can opt for to complement your chosen design. As well as the material they are made from, the cut out of the sink is equally important to the overall appearance of a room.

Undermount Sink

undermount sinkAn undermount sink is installed in a way that creates a seamless blend between countertop and the edge of the sink, almost like the countertop has disappeared. The sink is installed below the level of the countertop, meaning it does not disrupt the smoothness of the surface and still offers perfect functionality.

Overmount Sink

overmount sinkOvermount sinks are fitted onto the countertop, creating a slight ridge where the sink and counter meet. Although they do not incorporate the same smooth join as undermount sinks do, they still provide minimal intrusion and disruption to the surface of your worktop.

Belfast & Butler Sinks

belfast butler sinkThese sinks sit further down than an undermount sink, although they do require the same undermount cut out. The large size of these sinks make them ideal for bigger pots and pans. The way these sinks are installed often means that quite a large portion of the sink itself is visible, so you must be sure it will not be of detriment to your kitchen’s aesthetic before you install it.

Double Bowl Sink

Double bowl sinks are the most commonly seen sinks in modern kitchens. The bowls can be different sizes or of the same size, meaning they are perfect for those who often have a lot of washing up to do! Choosing the right material for your sink depends on a combination of personal taste and the way the material will fit with the decor of your kitchen. Metal sinks are a very common choice, owing to their subtle, minimal stylings which allow them to blend with most colour schemes and kitchen designs. Other sinks, such as corner sinks are less widely-used but still add an element of individuality to your kitchen. Here at Touchstone Worktops, we are proud to provide sinks and taps to complement our wide range of fine quality granite, quartz and natural stone worktops. Our experts can install your sinks and worktops efficiently and safely, leaving you to enjoy your kitchen for dining, cooking and socialising. For more information, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help.

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