Top 5 Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets

Modern kitchens are often full of a variety of gadgets that serve almost every purpose imaginable, and as such it can be difficult to determine which ones are actually useful and which ones are seemingly superfluous. However, there are some which can make your life a lot easier, and this article will detail five must-have kitchen gadgets for this year. Smartphone Connectivity While this creation may be restricted to those who have a particular brand of appliance, these innovations will surely soon be making their way to a wider audience, bringing a whole new level of technology to kitchens. Apps such as the GE Brillion, which syncs with GE Profile wall ovens to allow the user to remotely turn on and adjust the temperature of their ovens means that you can start your cooking preparation when you’re not in the room, or even when you’re not at home.   Automatic Can Opener An understated yet incredibly useful addition to any kitchen, the automatic can opener should be ever-present in your home, increasing the efficiency of food preparation by opening cans in a matter of seconds. The machines themselves are small so you can store it almost anywhere in your kitchen, and there are a variety of designs that ensure they suit your interior décor.   Motion-Sensitive Bins This clever innovation not only makes using your kitchen bin easier, but it is a fantastic way to help keep your kitchen as hygienic as possible. Millions of germs are transferred from handling waste and touching the bins themselves, so by using a bin that opens automatically when approached, you eliminate the element of contact between you and the bin, making your kitchen a much more hygienic place as you do not transfer the bin’s bacteria to worktops, utensils and food.       Boiling Water Tap Waiting for the kettle to boil may not seem like the greatest inconvenience in the world, but when you require a large amount of boiling water, it can take a short while for the kettle to reach the optimum temperature. However, with a boiling tap, you have hot water available instantly, at the push of a button. The safety switch helps greatly reduce accidents, and your food and hot drink preparation time can be reduced considerably.    Kitchen Thermometer Apps iDevices-iGrill2-Lifestyle-iPhone_Steak.2These apps can help you keep track of the temperature of your food without having to constantly go to and from the kitchen to check. By using a probe which monitors the temperature and sends information back to the app on your smartphone or tablet, this device can make cooking a lot easier and allow you to concentrate on other tasks while your food is heating up. One of the issues you may face once you have purchased all of your kitchen gadgets is finding where they fit in your kitchen. Many of the aforementioned items are available in a stainless steel finish, which is perfect for the modern, minimalistic kitchens that are so popular today. However, if you have a more traditional kitchen, you may want to look around for other colours that are more suited to your interior design. Another important factor to remember is to not overcrowd your worktops with gadgets and utensils – this can make your kitchen look cluttered and cramped. Consider which ones you may need to use the most, and give them pride of place on your surfaces to ensure you make the most of your available space. Here at Touchstone Worktops, we stock and supply the finest quality granite, quartz and natural stone worktops from the world’s leading brands. Our expert team can deliver and install your worktop to the highest standard, ensuring your kitchen and bathroom looks as good as possible. For more information, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help you.

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