Silestone Suede texture worktops for kitchen and bathrooms

Silestone Suede finish worktops for homes with texture

SILESTONE REINVENTS THE TOUCH OF YOUR WORKTOP WITH SUEDE TEXTURED PRODUCT Silestone SuedeSuede, the new extra-matt finish by Silestone is launched with more intense colour and a more efficient performance. Its exclusive treatment turns the material into a technologic higher product than the previous leather finish. This finished launched in October 2012 and initial enquiries have been strong from both private retail clients and the commercial sector.
Here at Touchstone we are Silestone ‘Gold-Level’ Approved Fabricators and we can furnish your requirement in any of the 40 available Silestone Suede colours quickly and efficiently with our usual turnaround time being 5 working days. Please call us on 020-8963 7450 to discuss this stunning new finish.

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