Silestone Integrity ‘DUE’ Sinks

Sinks made from Silestone to blend seamlessly with your worktop

The world leader in the production and distribution of quartz and other natural stone surfaces Cosentino, attended the KBB Birmingham exhibition in March 2012 to launch the Silestone Integrity DUE. This trade presentation of the new Silestone Integrity DUE sinks teamed together the new sink styles to create a popular one and a half sink design. The stylish Silestone Integrity DUE sinks are made from one piece of Silestone, which integrate perfectly with Silestone worktops for a continuous sleek design. Available in a wide range of colours, the DUE sinks are available in two sizes and benefit from clean straight lines for drainage. The first sink measures 37x34x15.5 and is ideal for double sink spaces; while the second, with dimensions of 37x51x15.5 is a great choice for a single sink. They can also be teamed together to create a popular one and a half sink design. The original Silestone Integrity ONE sink measures 41x51x15.5cm. The Silestone Integrity range of sinks are the first to be made from one piece of Silestone, with no weak areas or joints. They also have all of the benefits of Silestone worksurfaces, including a high resistance to scratch, stain and heat, as well as bacteriostatic protection. The Silestone Integrity range of undermount sinks can be installed quickly and with zero complications. Touchstone can also install the sink without the need for any special tools. The Silestone Integrity sink box comes with everything needed for a perfect installation. All accessories such as drain valve, safety telescopic rods*, appropriate screws and/or silicone in the same colour as the sink are included in the package. Silestone now also produce a beautiful bathroom range of sinks and shower trays for your bathroom. Please ask Touchstone for details of this unique range of stylish bathroom products.  

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