Kitchen Trends of 2013

While everybody wants their home to be unique and stand out from the crowd, there are trends in interior design that influence many people and their décor. From the colour of your cabinets to the material you use for your worktops, each aspect must work hand in hand with the others to ensure your kitchen looks as inviting and beautiful as possible. There are countless styles, both contemporary and traditional, that can be utilised and combined to create the perfect look for your kitchen, and this article will look at some of the most popular ones of 2013.

Neutral Colours

If you’re planning to create a neutral scheme for your kitchen, it is very important to find the best colours and materials for your worktops and cabinets. Here at Touchstone, our range of quartz and granite worktops is second to none. We have 23 neutral quartz worktops available, including our new Ocean Series, which is exclusive to Touchstone as Gold-Level Approved Silestone Fabricators.  Our granite worktop range also features a variety of neutral designs that will both create a welcoming environment for your kitchen and help accentuate the different features of your design.  Neutral worktops can work brilliantly with your sinks, taps and other steel or metal features of your kitchen, too.

Mixed Finishes

kitchen-673685_640Combining different finishes for your worktops, flooring and cabinetry can have a striking effect on the appearance of your kitchen. Neutral quartz and granite worktops can be seamlessly paired with darker tones on your cabinetry to create a beautiful contrast of light and dark. At Touchstone, we have a variety of light and dark worktop finishes to help you create the perfect environment and atmosphere in your kitchen. Being creative with your edge profiles can greatly enhance the appearance of your kitchen, and here at Touchstone our granite and quartz worktops are available with a range of edge finishes ensuring you get your perfect kitchen, right down to the most minute details.

Island Units

For those with the luxury of space, an island unit can turn your kitchen into a designer one; changing the whole look and feel of the room. An island is a very versatile feature; it can be used for food preparation, or lined with bar stools to create a place for casual drinking, eating and chatting, turning your kitchen from a room for food preparation into a room for socialising. There are many ways to revamp your kitchen and turn it into the focal point of your house. What was once just a place to prepare and store food can be transformed into a secondary living room for you, your family and your guests. When choosing the design for your kitchen, Touchstone are the people to call for your worktop needs. Our vast range of Silestone quartz and granite worktops means that we can cater to every need, whether you want a neutral surface or a vibrant, colourful one. For more information about our selection of worktops, have a browse of our website or visit our showroom to see our fantastic range for yourself.

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