Kitchen Trends for 2016

As 2015 has drawn to a close, attention turns to what interior design will be fashionable in 2016. From colour schemes to worktop materials and kitchen layouts, each element of your kitchen can have a significant effect on the overall appearance of the room, so by keeping up to speed with the current trends you can also keep your kitchen up to date. This article will look at some of the front running kitchen trends for 2016.

Open Plan Kitchens

Bianco Rivers Silestone worktop in an open plan kitchen - one of the kitchen trends for 2016Recent times have seen kitchens gain a new purpose as a place to socialise as well as cook and eat. If you are the kind of person who likes to host parties and gatherings, then using space correctly is a must. Open plan kitchens are designed with gatherings in mind: using breakfast bars and islands to maximise space and encourage people to congregate there, as well as allowing for freedom of movement when cooking.

Storage Space

To avoid cluttering your worktops and creating a nuisance for yourself when trying to find cooking apparatus, using storage intuitively can be a revelation. As well as serving as a place to store items, advancements and innovations mean that the design of the storage spaces has come on leaps and bounds. From hidden drawers to cupboards that open with a simple touch, storage spaces can enhance the look and functionality of your kitchen as well as improving organisation.

High Tech Cabinetry

High tech kitchen cabinetryTechnology that once seemed far too ambitious has now permeated our daily lives, with tablets, smartphones and even smartwatches being able to carry out innumerable functions with a simple touch. This technology has also made its way to our kitchens, with a huge number of innovations designed to make cooking much easier. Items like tablet holders that are attached to cabinets are simple, yet incredibly helpful – keeping the tablet away from spillages but leaving your hands free to create your cuisine.


Modern tap design with Cocina White Storm worktopAway from hands-free help, the humble kitchen tap is being subjected to a host of revamps and tweaks to bring it up to speed with modern design. Boiling water taps are quite commonplace now, removing the need to wait for 3 minutes for your kettle to boil by releasing boiled water on demand, but the latest innovations have added even more features to the faucet. Certain taps can now release sparkling water for those who want a fizzy beverage, but perhaps even more impressive is the coffee tap from TopBrewer in the USA. Coupled with an ingenious app, you can save your favourite recipes and release the exact amount of coffee, milk and foam to create a perfect latte, coffee or cappuccino. The sleek design also allows it to blend into your kitchen seamlessly, looking just like a normal tap.

Minimalist Worktops

Blanco Zeus Extreme - A minimalist worktop as part of a minimalist kitchen designContinuing with the ongoing popularity for sleek, minimalist design in kitchens, minimalist worktops are also tipped to be a top trend for 2016. High quality materials, such as granite and quartz come in a range of colours and can be finished with sleek edge profiles adding to the modern appearance of cabinetry and appliances. Solid colours that offer contrast are a popular choice as well as worktops with mirror speckle effect for added sparkle. Both materials are highly durable which makes them such a popular choice in kitchen design.

Metal Finishes

Although they have been popular for a little while now, trend forecasters are predicting that 2016 is the year when the use of metals in kitchen design really takes off. Metals and metallic effects like gold, silver and copper will be seen in plenty of kitchens, thanks to their stripped-back aesthetic and “sophisticated warmth”, according to designer Anne Ellard. Using metallic effect finishes for things like splashbacks, oven vents, handles and even taps can add extra colour and style to your kitchen. Touchstone Worktops are proud to provide our customers with the highest quality granite, quartz and natural stone worktops, tailored to your specifications. We stock and supply materials from the world’s leading manufacturers, and our expert team can install your worktop efficiently and effectively to ensure your kitchen is always looking its best. To find out more, please feel free to get in touch with us today.

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