Kitchen Gadgets for Christmas Dinner

Your kitchen is unlikely to be busier than during the run up to Christmas, particularly Christmas day. Creating all the food for the festive meal for you and your guests can take hours of painstaking work, which relies heavily on good organisation and timing. Christmas dinner is stressful enough, so luckily manufacturers have been hard at work creating gadgets that make your festive meal preparations that little bit easier.
  • Gravy/Fat Separator gravey seperatorA simple yet incredibly effective tool for that all-important gravy consistency – this separator keeps all unwanted bits from the gravy from reaching your plate, meaning you have a perfect accompaniment to your Christmas dinner. Available from OXO, this takes a common problem out of the equation, and any help is more than welcome at this time!
  • Wolfram Alpha App MainImage_IndividualPage_CulinaryMathChristmas is certainly not a time to worry about how many calories we are consuming – it is very easy to lose count when you are surrounded by chocolate, a full Christmas dinner and plenty of mulled wine. However, with the Wolfram Alpha app, you can track all the nutritional information of everything you eat during the festive period, from the turkey to the mince pies. Be warned – the results might make for some painful reading!
  • KitchenPad Timer KitchenPad timerTiming – an absolutely crucial element of any big meal, and Christmas dinner is arguably the biggest. The KitchenPad app for iPad takes care of the timings for you, and with its fantastic design you can keep track of your use of each appliance. The comprehensive nature of this app means you don’t have to keep running back and forth across your kitchen to keep track of everything.
  • Homecooker homecookerA life saver of an appliance, homecookers are popular with people all over the world because of their ability to share the workload while you get on with other tasks. Homecookers like the Philips Jamie Oliver HomeCooker continuously stir your food at the appropriate rate, ensuring that you can leave stews or soups on the go while you manage other dishes.
  • Prep Pad prep_pad_grandeTaking all the hassle out of measuring your ingredients, the Prep Pad for iPad is a fantastic innovation that weighs your ingredients (or scans them using the barcode) for you and then also handily gives you the nutritional information for whatever you’re using. Soon to be an iPhone app as well, this handy app gives you all the info you need for every part of your Christmas dinner.
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