How to Create the Perfect White Kitchen

countertop-blanco-zeusFor modern and traditional kitchens alike, white is a great choice for your colour scheme. The neutral appearance provides a great canvas to help other elements of your kitchen to shine, so this article has been written with the aim of helping you create the ideal white kitchen. The use of white as the main colour in your kitchen can help create an airy, spacious feel to your room, providing you use it in the correct way. The effectiveness of the white areas of your kitchen can be greatly enhanced if you use other colours in the right way. That is to say, if your cabinets and walls are white, for example, using the right colour accents and surfaces can emphasise the minimalist nature of your kitchen. Lighting is incredibly important in any kitchen, but in a room with a mostly white interior, it can exaggerate the features that need some extra emphasis, meaning every aspect of your kitchen can be appreciated by your guests. Subtle lighting such as in glassware cupboards, mood lighting or work lighting for the preparation side of your kitchen can work wonders. The Blanco range from leading surface manufacturers Silestone is the perfect choice for those who want a white kitchen. Ranging from the pure white Blanco Zeus Extreme to the darker, patterned surfaces such as Blanco Rivers, Montblanc and Lyra, there is a variety of different hues available, and with each pattern being totally unique, you can be sure your kitchen makes a superb impression from the moment guests walk in. Appliances can play a huge part in the appearance of your kitchen, and luckily there are countless white appliances that you can use to continue the clean, minimalist theme in the room. You may opt for concealed appliances such as fridges behind cupboard doors, but you don’t have to sacrifice the theme of the room when it comes to larger appliances such as ovens, cookers and dishwashers, for example. You don’t have to compromise on functionality or performance, either – there are top of the range appliances available in a variety of colourways. Here at Touchstone Worktops, we are proud of our status as one of the leading suppliers and installers of granite, quartz and natural stone worktops. We stock and supply the finest quality surfaces from the world’s leading manufacturers, each one installed to the highest possible standard. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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