Everything you need to know about Silestone Integrity sinks

silestone-integrity-sinks-1 It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and every element of your kitchen should be carefully chosen to balance style and functionality. From your worktops and appliances to your kitchen cupboards, Silestone’s range of Integrity sinks combine functionality with style in a wide range of styles and colours, perfect for any kitchen. There are a number of sizes available, from small to extra large so regardless of the size of your kitchen, you will be able to find a sink that suits your needs. Style Made from 100% Silestone, these sinks are a single, solid unit that will slot seamlessly into your worktop. The modern design offers a sleek and refined style with clean lines and no unsightly joints. The Integrity range combines straight lines with curved outlines which allows them to integrate completely into your worktop and allows your workspace to flow elegantly from counter to sink. Colours The Integrity range comes in an attractive palette of colours to suit any kitchen or colour scheme. Regardless of whether your kitchen is a clean, sedate cream or an exciting, vivid red, we have a colour that will pair perfectly. This wide variety of colours available also ensures that your sink can be chosen to complement a range of worktops such as quartz, granite, and natural stone. Our team of experts will be able to help you decide on all of these colour choices to ensure that your kitchen looks exactly how you want it to and your worktops and sink harmonise with each other and their surroundings. Practicality Style is of course important when designing a kitchen, and any discerning householder will want their kitchen to look beautiful, as well as serving as a hub for domestic activities. However, style is not much use if your sink cannot stand up to the rigors of everyday life in a bustling household. The Integrity range shares all the traits that have made Silestone one of the leading products on the market. They offer a durability that is second to none and as a naturally hardwearing material, it is resistant to the scrapes and scratches of heavy pans, sharp cutlery and general modern life. Hygiene As well as looking sleek and elegant, the design of the Integrity range leaves no room for bacteria as there are no creases or joins for grime to hide in. This makes it a remarkably hygienic sink and combined with the built-in spill resistance it makes cleaning a much easier task. Every Integrity sink is also given a bacteriostatic treatment which further reduces the chances of any bacteria forming on your sink. These factors make the Integrity range one of the most hygienic available. Touchstone Worktops All of the Integrity sinks supplied and installed by the team at Touchstone Worktops are fully guaranteed and our team of experts will be glad to discuss your individual requirements. We’ll help you find the most appropriate choice, and then install your worktops and sinks with our customary professionalism and expertise. Simply get in touch to find out more.

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