Dekton by Cosentino Wins Gold

logo-dektonDekton by Cosentino Wins Gold Award for Innovation in Materials at the 2014 Designer Kitchen and Bathroom Awards Leading manufacturer of worktops Cosentino was further recognised for its superb work in the sector with an award for its Dekton range at the 2014 Designer Kitchen and Bathroom Awards. The Designer Kitchen and Bathroom Awards are held to recognise innovation and excellence in the interior design field, and each year goes to show just how much the industry has moved forward as innovations continue to arise. Dekton is a creation by Cosentino that combines the beauty of natural stone surfaces with an extra level of resilience, thanks to the combination of different raw materials. The technology used for Dekton is called technology of sinterized particles, or TSP. The purpose of this technology is to simulate the metamorphic change that natural stone experiences throughout a millennia. This technology results in a surface that is incredibly tough, withstanding excess heat, or the marks, stains and blemishes that could befall other, less rigorous surfaces. Upon receiving the award, Christophe Gontier, Managing Director of Cosentino for UK and Ireland said: “We are thrilled to have won this fantastic accolade. To not only gain the recognition from these esteemed judges, but for the award to identify that Dekton is a true innovation in materials is testament to the dedication and investment that has been spent by the team to develop this revolutionary product.” The awards presentation took place at Supernova on 12th November. Supernova is a pop-up venue in Embankment Gardens in Central London, and following the tradition of the Designer Kitchen and Bathroom Awards, the event was littered with industry figureheads and leaders. Those tasked with judging the competition included:
  • Architect and Founder of the Crawford Partnership
  • Alan Crawford, Laurence Pidgeon of Laurence Pidgeon Design
  • Jo-Anne Wright, MD of Utopia Kitchen and Bathroom Magazine
  • Colin Wong, Director of Development Direct
  • CEO of KBB National Training Group Renee Mascari
  • Dick Powell, Co-Founder of Seymourpowell
  • Vanessa Brady, President of The Society of British Interior Design
  • Robin Levlen, Founder of Studio Levlen
After an investment of 128 million Euros and an enormous 22,000 hours of research, Dekton was developed from an amalgamation of materials that are used to make glass, porcelain and quartz. The result is a surface that boasts zero porosity, and is devoid of the weak spots or blemishes that can be a detriment to other surfaces. Here at Touchstone Worktops, we are committed to only providing the best, and this attitude applies to our service and the products that we supply. In keeping with this attitude of quality, we are incredibly proud to be stockists and suppliers of Dekton worktops, allowing you to benefit from the finest quality materials for your kitchen or bathroom. If you would like to know more about our Dekton range, or any of the other superb surfaces we offer, please feel free to get in touch with us today.  

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