Choosing your Worktop Colour

You’ve chosen your wallpaper or paint, you’ve decided the kind of feel you want to get from your kitchen and how it will be laid out. However, there is one key aspect that can have a significant impact on the feel of your kitchen, and that is your choice of worktop colour. This choice can make or break the aesthetic of the room, so it is important that you are aware of all options available to you when choosing your worktop colour. worktop colours


Using this technique means choosing two colours that are vastly different from each other and using them to create a strong, colourful combination. This can be ideal for making one colour stand out or adding a degree of subtlety to brighter shades. It is important, however, that you are sure that the colours work well in this style as you may end up with something of an eyesore!


This is a theory that is the opposite to the aforementioned ‘complementary’ colour scheme. By using one colour but varying the shades, you can have a subtle colour scheme that is noticeable but does not detract from the overall design of your kitchen. This is particularly recommended for minimalist kitchens and kitchens with contemporary design elements, as the sleek nature of the colour scheme maintains the uniform aspect of the interior.


This is the style that sits in between the two styles mentioned above. Choose two colours that are adjacent to each other – that is to say, one is a stronger shade than the other – and place the stronger shade on larger parts, such as walls and ceilings, and leave the subtler part for smaller areas. Different materials lend themselves better to certain colour schemes. For example, quartz offers an extra selling point with the unique patterns which are inherent in each piece. This is something to keep in mind when you are choosing your worktop – the patterns can affect the overall colour of the surface, so make sure that they do not override it too much. When choosing your worktop, bear in mind the style and colour of the sinks and taps that you are going to install in your kitchen. For example, metal sinks and taps often match well with a wide range of colours and surfaces, but others may not. This is the same for additions like cabinet handles and appliances. Here at Touchstone Worktops, we are a leading provider of granite, quartz and natural stone worktops from the leading manufacturers to customers throughout London. We will supply and install your worktop efficiently and safely, ensuring that your kitchen or bathroom looks just as you imagined it. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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