Choosing the Right Flooring & Worktop Combination

parkland-1515844_640Choosing your kitchen worktop and flooring separately can be difficult enough, but when it comes to finding the perfect combination between the two, it takes even more thought to ensure your kitchen looks as good as possible. This article will look into some of the ways you can find the perfect colour scheme. Material is Important The material that you choose for your worktop can also have a bearing on the way your surfaces work together. For example, as granite worktops all have unique patterns they are often a subtle combination of colours, so you will need to find a floor that works in harmony with the different shades on your worktop. Even if your floor complements the main colour of your worktop, the specks and patterns can hamper the co-ordination, so choose your floor carefully. No one colour should dominate As kitchens are used as rooms for socialising rather than purely for cooking purposes, it is important that you find a balance between colours that will not overwhelm the appearance of the room. For example, a bright floor may distract from the appearance of your cabinetry, or a dull worktop in an otherwise brightly coloured room can lose some of its effect. Avoid using too many colours Cluttering your kitchen with several colours can create something of an eyesore. Chequered floors can work fantastically when used in conjunction with a solid worktop, but if your worktop itself has a combination of colours, the room can soon appear cluttered. If you do opt for multiple colours, ensure that the differences are subtle to avoid too much contrast. Use samples If you have already selected your dream worktop, for example, make sure to take a sample with you when it comes to choosing your floor. This can help you determine whether certain colours and textures work well together, and avoid any unpleasant surprises once the kitchen is finished. Modern or traditional? Also keep in mind the overall style that you are going for with your new kitchen. Traditional kitchen styles often use materials such as wood, which will suit colours differently to more modern materials such as marble or granite. Look at examples of other kitchens of similar styles in magazines and on blogs to get an idea of which colours suit which styles. Here at Touchstone Worktops, we specialise in the supply and installation of a wide range of beautifully designed quartz, granite and natural stone worktops. Our surfaces are available in colours to suit every taste, and our expert team can also create edge profiles to add the finishing touch to your dream surface. For more information about our worktops or for anything else we offer, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help.  

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