10 Ways to Tastefully Decorate Your Kitchen Walls

When creating your dream kitchen, there’s a seemingly endless list of things that need to be taken care of before you can stand back and admire your new space. Once you’ve finalised your new surfaces, appliances and colour schemes, you may feel like there is still a little something lacking – what about the walls? While plain walls can work wonderfully in your kitchen, if you would like a little extra vibrancy, wall art can be the perfect addition. British Biscuits Watercolour Print original_british-biscuits-watercolour-print Homes up and down the country will have cupboards that are home to their favourite biscuits, to be eaten as a snack or dipped in a cup of tea or coffee, and this artwork is a brilliantly designed homage to some of the most famous creations. Created by Raspberry Finch and available in both A4 and A5, this illustration is an ideal choice to bring some extra detail to your walls.   Butcher’s Kitchen Quattro_Charcoal For meat eaters, this illustration could not be better suited. Featuring images of animals with the locations of various cuts of meat outlined on their bodies, if you are budding chef or you have a love for barbecuing, this is the perfect kitchen artwork for you. If you are vegetarian, however, you might want to seek an alternative!   Hopelessly Addicted to Coffee HA_to_FRESHCOFFEE_WR A cup of coffee in the morning is the pick-me-up choice of many people, and it can sometimes be a struggle to limit yourself to a single cup! If you are one of those who enjoy more than one a day, then this print is a great choice.     Cheese Alphabet cheese alphabet This hand drawn illustration is quite literally the A to Z of cheeses. Made by Becka Griffin, this is something different to the usual food-related artwork, and it is perfect as a gift to a friend, family member or even yourself. Available in medium (A4) and large (A3), the neutral colours mean it will fit nicely into most kitchen designs.   Gin Lovers Print gin-black-print ‘In Gin We Trust’ is the slogan adorned on this black and white print, making a bold statement in both senses of the word. This can make an amusing gift for a friend or loved one, and the contrasting monochrome colouring means it will stand out in most decors.     Black Food Cupboard Print black_clip_ This immensely detailed illustration is full of variety, with over 60 fine-line illustrations of the traditional foods that we find in our cupboards. From tins and packets to jars and bottles, the level of detail in this print is superb, providing a genuinely interesting piece of artwork for you and your guests to admire.   Personalised ‘Everything Stops for Wine’ Print normal_everything-stops-for-wine-personalised-print In a similar vein to the aforementioned ‘In Gin We Trust’ print, except this creation can be tailored to suit the recipient of the print. Replace ‘wine’ with whatever their drink of choice is and you have a fantastic personalised print that is taken from the song ‘Everything Stops for Tea’ from the 1935 film ‘Come Out of the Pantry’.   Gin Like Time’ Print normal_gin-like-time-gin-print Beautifully designed and amusing in equal measure, this print can also be personalised to include the drink of choice instead of ‘gin’. The print reads ‘Gin is like time. There is never enough’, and it can be made to include the name of the recipient too, for a light hearted gift for any occasion.   Tea Breaks are Mandatory Print normal_tea-breaks-are-mandatory-humorous-10x8in-mounted-print With a vintage Victorian design and a slogan that many people will agree with, this print by Wink Design is available in 10” x 8”, and the dark and red colouring means it is noticeable without providing too much of a distraction.     Cooking Print by Coulson Macleod cooking-frameThe typewriter-style font and the text heavy design is bordered by images of different foodstuffs, but the main text features interesting quotes and statements about the art of cooking. Like the fine-line illustration print mentioned above, this one offers something more than aesthetic quality to keep you interested. Kitchens can be more than just a place to create and eat food. As a social environment, the look of your kitchen needs to be perfect, and surfaces are vital in creating the right look. The right worktop can provide the perfect complement to your walls, whether they’re bare or decorated with artwork. Touchstone Worktops are proud to provide the highest quality granite, quartz and natural stone worktops from the world’s leading manufacturers, fitted by our expert team in an efficient and professional manner. For more information, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help.

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